VHS Upcycling

This winter break I dashed straight into much-needed clearing out jobs. Upon doing this I realized one thing that was accumulated, once upon a time, that we won’t ever use again are VHS tapes. Particularly, blank VHS tapes that we used for recording movies or TV shows that we wanted to watch over and over and over again (before youtube, kids.) Now we have giant boxes, filled to the brim with old VHS tapes. I had to use them for raw material for something. So with the magic of E6000 glue, I transformed those bad boys into a brand-new… shelf. Now, I have to make a serious disclaimer here, I do not know how long this is going to hold and how much weight it is willing to bare, but I am pretty proud of upcycling this old VHS tapes in a totally original way. Check it out here in my video!

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