Taiwandering: Dulan, Taidong

Catching a Break from Taichung

As soon as summer break arrived in 2015, I had a small window of time to do some Taiwandering before my always long-awaited summer vacation home. So Curious George and I booked some train tickets to Taidong, in the southeast part of Taiwan and braced ourselves for some pretty sights to see. We spent one night in Taidong city, then another in Dulan. Dulan is an absolute breath of fresh air (literally) after being couped up in Taiwanese cities and apartments most of the time. The sea is gorgeous, and the simple fact that the hostel was 1 floor and had a front lawn was nothing to take for granted when you’ve been living on the 13th floor of an apartment building with no green grass until you’ve reached the park. Not to mention the hostel was basically on the sea. Also, not to mention the hostel had friendly cats.

Getting to Taidong and Costs

We traveled to Taidong from where I was living in Taichung. We booked a train through the seven-eleven ticket booth (seven-elevens are extremely functional in Taiwan, bringing “convenience stores” to a whole new level.) To be honest, I don’t exactly remember how much money our train tickets were but I imagine for the round trip they came to about $900 TWD per person (about $30 USD.) The hostels were probably priced ranged from about $15-20 USD per night. We also rented a scooter to get around from Taidong to Dulan and more. Scooter rentals are quite cheap, maybe $400 TWD per day (about $13 USD).

Small regrets

I always wish I had taken more photos and video footage of my travels, thing that I do remember, but didn’t capture on camera. One vivid memory I have exploring the luscious and laid-back east coast is the view I had riding on the back of the scooter as we drive along the coast. I wish I had taken a video of that, considering my brain doesn’t produce film itself, and I don’t want to lose that image to old age one day. Nonetheless, here is what I did manage to capture…