And then it was the middle of year three in Taiwan, and time for a vacation in Okinawa! Not only was I setting out on another one of Erica’s Endeavors, I was so pleased to have a travel companion this time! Up to this point, I had set out on (just about) all my air travel journeys solo, which is great, a sign of a strong sign of independence, but having someone you love come along with you is a very heart-warming experience. However, my advice will always be, never wait for someone to want to go anywhere with you. If there is anything you want to do in your life it is YOUR responsibility to make your dreams come true!

Anyway, more Tales on Okinawa to come. For now, enjoy some photos!

Inside the Cave Cafe in Okinawa
Inside the Cave Cafe in Okinawa

Cape Zanpa, OkinawaR0017376

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