Saint John, New Brunswick

So the first weekend following the fateful US Presidential Election of 2016 I happened to have a trip planned with the one and only Steffy Bear to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Enterprise $9.99 Weekend Special

This time around we decided to try out Enterprise’ special weekend deal. In this case, we actually had to pay $19.99 per day because $9.99 was limited to 100 miles per day, then it was an extra 20 cents per mile. Brunswick to New Brunswick is about 275 miles one way, so we would have been over by a long shot. We got a tiny little FIAT to drive all the way to Canada! Overall the total cost was about $79 for three days.

The Best AirBnB in New Brunswick – Piccadilly Guest Suite

We stayed at Piccadilly Guest Suite that we found on AirBnB. This was an awesome place to stay, it was a whole apartment with everything we needed. There was a bedroom and a living room with a fold-out couch so we both had our own space to sleep. The ambiance was very quaint and we felt like we were just living in Saint John!

Thandi’s  Restaurant

After dropping into our new home for the weekend it was time for dinner. We looked up some places to eat and found Thandi’s Restaurant. Thandi’s had a nice selection of Indian cuisine and western. It was a lovely place with great relaxed mood lighting. The food was awesome and we had plenty leftover to have for lunch the next day. The price was on the higher side (maybe $30 CAN) but since it ended up serving us for lunch the next day it was quite a good value for a restaurant.

City Market

After having some lovely complimentary Keurig coffees at our apartment for the weekend we set out to see what Saint John looks like in the daylight on our way to the City Market. On our way, we stumbled upon a lot of great architecture, gorgeous parks, and a general well-kept city. The city market offered some local vegetables, maple syrup, beautiful local art and some bites to eat. We ate some basic breakfast sandwiched there before seeing what else Saint John had to offer.

New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum was definitely a highlight of our trip. There is some footage of it in the video, but I honestly took a whole lot more footage as it was like chocolate mousse for the eyes. The museum covered New Brunswick industry, history, art and more. Walking around inside, the whole of the museum was a piece of art. You can see some of the details in the video above.

Cora’s Brunch

On our way out we stopped at Cora’s to have some warm, filling, delicious brunch to get our stomachs all happy and expanded. Cora’s was the perfect place in Saint John to do that. The menu was a piece of art, and we got our brunch on with some serious coffee, carbs and everything awesome. See our brunch food in the video above!

Fort Howe

Fort Howe is a historic part of New Brunswick. This Fort was created by the British during the American Revolutionary war to claim New Brunswick for England. It’s also a great place to get some amazing visual perspective of the city. You can see the view in the video above.

Irving Nature Park

Irving Nature Park is a little slice of mother nature’s pie. It’s a gorgeous drive out there along the sea. There is a hiking trail, but unfortunately, we didn’t quite have the time to do the hike. It’s ok, though, just motivation to come back again someday! Check out the gorgeous sea in the vlog!